SeeSaw is a small, independent Oxfordshire charity founded in 2000 to provide grief support for local children, young people and their families, or those who care for them. We provide advice, information, resources, consultations, training, support for schools and, when appropriate, face to face support sessions for children and young people, usually within their own homes.

Our ethos is that grief is universal, it is not a mental health concern, it is not always problematic for a child or young person and it does not always require a therapeutic intervention.

For most people, given the right type of information, advice and tools, support for children and young people can be managed by the people who care for them and know them best. We offer telephone advice and resources to enable family members and professionals to be able to provide that support. Often we help to find the right words, or to understand that a child’s reaction is very normal for their age, or how to think about the situation from a child’s point of view. For most families knowing that someone is ‘alongside’ them in their grief is very helpful.

At Seesaw we recognise that there may be some circumstances which mean that it might not be possible for families to be enabled to provide support themselves. In those circumstances 1:1 grief support work can be offered by our staff and volunteer team. Clinical staff will assess each family situation by home visit. Any direct support work with children and young people will usually be undertaken by our team of trained and supervised volunteers. Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot provide help. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for details of why we may not be able to offer support.