Fundraising in your Community

Thank you so much for considering fundraising for SeeSaw. As a small local charity, we receive no government funding and rely entirely on the incredibly kind donations and support from individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations to provide our services, completely free to bereaved children and their families in Oxfordshire.


“Many of SeeSaw’s services would simply not continue without the generosity of our amazing fundraisers, community organisations and clubs, schools, societies, corporates and volunteers. We are immensely grateful for this.” – Maddie Bain, Community Fundraiser 


Our top 10 fundraising tips 

  1. Decide how you want to raise money. Whichever you choose – whether it’s a sponsored run, cycle or skydive, a charity bake sale, a talent show, a raffle or competition – just remember to pick something fun that you’ll enjoy! We have a handy A-Z guide of Fundraising Ideas to give you some inspiration.

  2. See if your employer will give you matched funding for what you raise it can double your money!

  3. Consider the details don’t skimp out on proper planning and preparation, whether it’s finding the perfect venue or date, working out your budget, or considering COVID restrictions.

  4. Ask for charity rates from suppliers and for donations or sponsorship from companies – you’ll be amazed at how supportive people can be. We can provide you with a letter on headed paper to support this.

  5. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you, and ask them to ask their friends!

  6. Set up your personalised donations page via JustGiving. Make sure you have downloaded our sponsorship form and don’t forget about Gift Aid*.

  7. Advertise your event. Wherever you can. Your own social media pages can be particularly successful to encourage your friends and family to support and donate. Asking them to share or retweet your posts could help spread the news of your fundraising efforts, consequently reaching more people. We have a handy fundraising poster that you can display anywhere it will get noticed. Make sure to include all the details for your event (date, time, location, cost of ticket, where to donate, your contact details) and ask permission wherever you put it.

  8. Think your event is newsworthy? Contact your local press/radio/TV and tell them what you’re doing – we can help you write a press release, or provide you with a quote, if you would like.

  9. Don’t forget to ensure you are keeping it safe and legal. Everyone likes an event that goes smoothly. Consider looking up a Risk Assessment template online and researching into Gambling Licences for raffles.

  10. Have fun! Possibly the most important step! Enjoy the difference you will be making to children and young people.

*Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim back 25p for every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer, provided they make a Gift Aid declaration. For more details, click here

Paying in your money 

You can pay the money you raise in several different ways. The best way is directly into our bank account via transfer. Please contact us on to arrange this.

You can also send us a cheque to the following address:

Bush House
2 Merewood Avenue

Make sure to put your full name, address and contact information so we can send you a thank you letter and certificate.

We’re here to help

We love to hear about our supporters’ events and we can provide you with advice and materials you need for your event. Email, to request materials, to discuss ideas or ask us anything you’re not sure about.

Make sure to check out our Resources section below, which has many handy printable materials that you can use for your fundraising.

Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also send us photos or stories which we can use on our social media sites, our website and our Annual Review.

Thank you so much for your support.