Support for schools

SeeSaw offers a specialised service to schools to help staff understand how young people might react to a bereavement and what strategies can be used to support them in the classroom. 

Many bereaved young people have told us what a difference it makes to be supported in school by teachers who understand what they are going through. Staff want to do their best for their pupils but may feel quite daunted when faced with a student devastated by the loss of someone they love.

Staff may need support to grapple with what to do, what to say and what to expect, and Lesley is available at the end of a phone to offer whatever information, advice and training is needed. 

School staff have the ability to make an enormous difference to the way children cope after a bereavement. Teachers often only need the right information and support to give them the confidence to share a child's bereavement journey. SeeSaw can help staff develop that confidence.

We can support schools in several ways.

Schools Pack

An information pack on supporting bereaved pupils in schools

Learning disability 

Pack supporting bereaved children who have special needs

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