Suggested reading

Books can really help children to develop an understanding of death and to find ways of coping. 

In this section we have listed some of the publications that our support workers have found most useful for the families they work with. We have divided these books into the categories below so that they are easier for you to sort through. You will find that many of the publications listed in these sections are available to purchase online. 

If you can't find what you're looking for here, or if you have any questions about the issues covered in these books, we are always available to talk. It can really help to have a conversation with someone who understands, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need to. 

SeeSaw Publication: What Happens When Someone Dies?

Through practical support and understanding, SeeSaw works with children and families to help them manage the difficult times before and after the death of a loved one, and to face the future with hope. 

'What happens when someone dies? A book for adults and children to share together’ was written by SeeSaw's Jenny Armstrong.

When someone special dies, it can be a really confusing time for children as they try to understand what has happened, what will happen to that person's body and even where the person is now. The book is written for adults supporting children aged 3–11 years at this difficult time. It will also be valuable to help children with special needs. Through photographs and the use of simple language, adults will be helped to explain what happens when someone dies. The book also offers ideas to think and talk about together. 

Please contact us for further information about how to order copies of this book.

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