Books for primary age children

‘A child’s grief: supporting a child when someone in their family has died’ by Winston’s Wish

A helpful took for adults who are supporting children through a bereavement. It covers the range of issues that may affect a child when an important person dies, both immediately and in the longer term. Practical suggestions and ideas for activities are offered as well as suggested further reading.

'Grief in children, second edition: a handbook for adults' by Atle Dyregrov

A handy, small book ideal for teachers, social workers, parents and others faced with the task of understanding children in grief and trying to help them. An accessible overview of children's understanding of death at different ages with detailed outlines of exactly how the adults around them can best help them cope.

‘Michael Rosen’s sad book’ by Michael Rosen

Sad things happen to everyone, and sometimes people feel sad for no reason at all. What makes Michael Rosen sad is thinking about his son, Eddie, who died suddenly at the age of eighteen. In this book the author writes about his sadness, how it affects him, and some of the things he does to cope with it.


‘When someone you love has cancer: a guide to help kids cope’ by Alaric Lewis

Few things affect a family’s everyday life like the presence of an illness like cancer, and children especially can experience confusion, fear and misunderstanding. This book will help kids cope with the presence of cancer in their lives. Book includes some 40 helpful pointers written expressly for children 4-12. 



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