Telephone consultations

Professionals from many different backgrounds come into contact with young people who have been bereaved. We regularly talk with professionals from health, social care, police, youth offending, child and adolescent mental health services, and other voluntary organisations. These conversations often lead to families calling for our support.

We also provide on-going advice and guidance when other professionals already have a good working relationship with children and young people and want some ideas of how to work with any bereavement issues. 

What we can offer:

  • Consultation about the particular child’s bereavement needs.
  • On-going contact with a member of SeeSaw's clinical team who knows the case.
  • Face-to-face meetings at our office to look at resources and ideas for activities.
  • Training for individuals or groups within a professional organisation.
  • SeeSaw attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings to consider how bereavement needs may be met in the context of the team around the child.
  • Partnership working.

John Radcliffe Hospital Rapid Response Team for deaths under 18. SeeSaw is called on for these meetings within 48 hours of a child death to be part of the planning for bereavement support for those impacted by a death. 

SeeSaw sits on the Child Death Overview Panel and liaises with professionals working with children and young people throughout Oxfordshire.

SeeSaw works closely with the Suicide Prevention and Intervention Network to develop a strategy for working with young people bereaved through suicide.

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