Serious illness

You have been told that you are seriously ill and at the same time as struggling to come to terms with this news you think about your children.   

Do you want to talk with someone about how you can help your children understand what is happening?  

How can you get our support?

You can call us directly. You will have someone listen to your concerns and help you consider the support you need. This may result in meeting you at home, supporting your child's school or giving individual support. We always respond to your own family's unique needs.

Our Macmillan Children and Families Practitioner, Kathy Moore is our key worker in these situations - she  is often with families within 24 hours of the first contact. She provides support to parents when they need it most – often when they have first been told of how serious their condition is. 

Kathy will make phone contact and, when needed, she arranges a visit to the home, hospital or hospice.

Parents and carers may feel anxious when talking to their children. Kathy is there to reassure them that they have the skills needed to decide when and how to talk to their children about what is happening and that they can find the right words.

Kathy also meets the children, sometimes with her dog Cindy. The relationship built up with the children through walking and talking is one that we know they really value.  Kathy's contact can continue with the family for as long as they need her support.

Kathy also supports professionals working with children when a parent or sibling is dying, and she works closely with palliative care teams in the community as well as staff in Oxfordshire hospices and hospitals. Health professionals can make referrals but this will always be with the knowledge and understanding of the family.

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