Meeting you at home

After an initial telephone conversation with a member of the SeeSaw team, a home visit will often be offered. This visit will be an opportunity to talk face-to-face with one of the Clinical Team enabling you to find out more about SeeSaw and the way we work. The visit, which will last between 1–2 hours, will give you time to talk about what has happened and to explore together ways of supporting your children or young people.

During the visit you will find out what SeeSaw can offer and we can talk together about what would be best for your own family. 

This may include:

  • Further telephone support to discuss how things are going for you and your child.
  • A visit to your child’s school by our specialist worker to help teachers understand how bereavement might affect your child in school and discuss ways to support them in the classroom.
  • Allocation of a support worker to work face-to-face with your child to help them explore the impact of bereavement on their life, ways to remember the person who has died and find ways of coping.
  • Invitation to attend SeeSaw coffee mornings and family events.
  • No further contact at present: This may be because you are managing the situation well at the moment but may have needed some reassurance about how to support your child’s grief. It may be that the child or young person is not ready to talk to someone. Bear in mind that you can always come back to SeeSaw at any time in the future if things change.