Further information

Further information to help you support children and young people 

At SeeSaw we have now supported over 4,300 children and young people and their families. We learn all the time from our work with families and listen to what they tell us about the things that help. 

We are developing a number of resources, ideas and suggestions and each of these will soon be available for you to download and print. 

In the meantime, if you would like to talk to a member of our clinical team about any of the issues below, please call us on 01865 744768.

  • Seeing the person who has died  
  • Children and funerals – 'What happens when someone dies?'
  • Supporting bereaved children under five
  • Death of a grandparent
  • Supporting children after the death of a friend
  • Tips for supporting bereaved young people
  • Making a life story book
  • Making a memory box
  • Making an emotional 'first-aid' kit
  • What may help on difficult days
  • Making a Christmas bauble
  • Bereavement following a suicide