SeeSaw offers support to families in Oxfordshire when a parent, brother or sister is dying or has died.

Through understanding and practical support, SeeSaw works with grieving families and children to help them manage the difficult times before and after the death of a loved one, and to face the future with hope.

If you are facing a life-limiting condition yourself you will naturally want to protect your children from pain. You may worry that you will say or do the 'wrong thing.' But if children are left out they can feel alone with confused and difficult feelings. 

We can help you talk through what is going on for you and your family and support your conversations with children and young people. Our support around serious illness may be what you need - please call us.

If you are a parent coming to terms with the death of your partner or child and living with your own grief it can be very difficult to know how to support your children. Sometimes families find it difficult to communicate and support each other because they are so taken over by their own grief.

At SeeSaw we believe that families do have the strength and resilience to live through very difficult times after the death of a loved one - but sometimes some support from outside the family is needed. We are there to offer the support needed for you own unique situation. Occasional phone calls, direct support for a few sessions - or support when needed over a number of years. 

We are here to give you support when you need it and for however long you need help.


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